Persistent SSH - The best SSH tunnel manager for Windows

SSH tunnels are widely used today to safely access some remote resources like MySQL and other servers. Traditional way of using SSH tunnels in Windows includes installing Linux ports like CygWin or PuTTY and some scripting for auto-restarting. Persitent SSH solves all of this problems, works as Windows system service and restarts SSH tunnels if needed, does not require any other libraries, ports or software. And finally, you can monitor and manager Persistent SSH from anywhere through web interface and it is free for personal use on non-server Windows.

An effective tool for monitoring the corporate e-mail usage in Alt-N MDaemon и Microsoft® Exchange Server

MailDetective is a reporting solution for corporate e-mail system administrators. With MailDetective you can visualize the e-mail flow within your organization, estimate the personal/business correspondence ratio and recognize e-mail abuse. The analytic data collected with MailDetective can help you create and implement consistent enterprise-wide e-mail usage policy.

Log files processing and reporting on schedule, support for multiple mail servers with one installation, exporting report into PDF, Microsoft Excel and HTML. Support for Alt-N MDaemon, Microsoft® Exchange Server (all versions from 5.5 till 2016), Microsoft® Office 365, Kerio Mail Server, Kerio Connect 7, QMail and SendMail.

Cloud backup for MySQL and Microsoft® SQL Server databases

Back up SQL databases to local or remote storage, or use one of the many cloud service providers as an additional safety layer. ADVSoft SQL Backup can concurrently back up multiple databases, and comes with full journaling and task management. Backups can be runned in manual mode or by schedule.

Supports NAS and FTP servers, cloud services Box, DropBox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3. Security is ensured with AES encryption and space in your cloud storage is saved by 7Zip compression. MySQL servers could be acessed using TCP/IP protocol, TCP/IP via SSH and through web administraion tool phpMyAdmin.


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