MailDetective is an effective monitoring solution for corporate e-mail usage.

MailDetective is an effective monitoring solution for corporate e-mail usage. With MailDetective you can visualize the e-mail flow within your organization, estimate the personal/business correspondence ratio and recognize e-mail abuse. The analytic data collected with MailDetective can help you create and implement consistent enterprise-wide e-mail usage policy. MailDetective was designed to work with Alt-N MDaemon, Microsoft® Exchange Server 2000, Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft® Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft® Exchange Server 2016, Microsoft® Office 365, Kerio Mail Server, Kerio Connect 7, QMail, SendMail, Communigate and Merak Mail Server.

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Internet brings companies unbeatable  advantages in terms of communication and accessing important data, but internet misuse can easily become costly to the company in terms of lost productivity and bandwidth costs. If you don't want your employees to spend a lot of time during work hours using the Internet for non-business related purposes (such as online shopping, chatting or downloading streaming video), ProxyInspector is the best solution for you. ProxyInspector was designed to work with Sophos UTM, Cisco IronPort/Web Security Appliance, Cisco ASA, Microsoft® ISA Server 2000, Microsoft® ISA Server 2004, Microsoft® ISA Server 2006, Microsoft® Threat Management Gateway 2010, WinGate, Kerio WinRoute, FortiGate, BlueCoat ProxySG, Zecurion ZProxy and Kerio Control 7.

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Now you can work with several servers using one MailDetective for Exchange Server installation. MailDetective for Exchange Server also offers support for Microsoft® SQL Server 2005/2000 and message subject reporting.

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ProxyInspector Enterprise edition provides support for multiple  Microsoft® ISA Servers, Microsoft® SQL Server 2012/2008/2005/2000 as ProxyInspector database engine and Active Directory.

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We are using ProxyInspector for a number of months now, and we are 100% satisfied by this application. It is simple to use, it has a good performance and it creates those reports where our management is asking for. And as our Internet users that the Internet usage is monitored they will be more careful on visiting nonbusiness websites.

Harry Wieldraaijer,
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August 25, 2016

New version of MailDetective - 3.5.2178. Support for Microsoft Exchange 2016.