ProxyInspector 3.0 Standard edition officially released.

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October 09, 2009

ADVSoft has announced the release of a new version of ProxyInspector, which has already proved to be a simple and handy tool for Internet usage analysis and reporting. ProxyInpector 3.0 Standard edition differs significantly from earlier versions: it offers advanced capabilities of creating and exporting reports, thoroughly revised protocol processing and enhanced interface. Besides, the local database of ProxyInspetor 3.0 Standard edition is much more stable and works considerably faster.

It is almost impossible to imagine an office without high-speed internet access, as it has become an integral part of office work and business life. But the easy access to online resources almost invariably causes an outrageous abuse of computers in the workplace. According to surveys, the average employee uses the Internet about two hours each day for personal reasons (shopping online, writing non-work related messages, surfing social networks, and even downloading pornography!). Such lack of conscientiousness yields great losses, as the wasted computer resources cost American companies more than $1 billion a year. During the global economic recession it seems an unallowable luxury.

The most efficient way to control corporate internet usage today is to employ Internet monitoring programs. Many companies from all over the world use ProxyInspector 3.0 as an optimal solution. It lets the managers control the internet usage, prevent Internet misuse and information leakage, increase labor productivity and cut down expenses.

How does ProxyInspector work?

ProxyInspector 3.0 imports the data contained in the proxy server log files into the local database. It allows considerable acceleration of data processing: the program works fast even with large log files. Then it creates a comprehensive report on corporate internet usage. The report can be easily understood even by a nonexpert, for it is represented in the form of diagrams. The high-accuracy reports inform the administrator, which workstations are the most active, what websites they access, what is the general traffic distribution among sites, protocols, days of week, times of the day, etc. The vast variety of report types guarantees that there will be a perfect one for any corporate network. The testimonials given by system administrators, who use ProxyInspector to control corporate internet usage, prove the main advantages of the program: simplicity and effectiveness. The ample opportunities for creation of clear and understandable reports make ProxyInspector stand out of the great number of similar solutions.

Key Features of ProxyInspector 3.0:
• High-speed operation;
• Flexible tuning and a vast variety of reports;
• A built-in report browser;
• Printing the reports directly from the browser;
• Data export to HTML, PDF and Excel;
• Automation of log files processing and report creation;
• Emailing reports;
• Ability to work on any computer in your local area network;
• Support for the following widely used proxy servers:
Microsoft ISA Server 2000;
Microsoft ISA Server 2004;
Microsoft ISA Server 2006;
Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway;
Kerio WinRoute Firewall;
Qbik WinGate; Squid;
Ositis WinProxy.

Pricing and Availability

System requirements for ProxyInspector 3.0: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 and one of the aforesaid proxy servers. Further information on the pricing, as well as the free trial edition, is available at

About ADVSoft

Founded in 1998, ADVSoft is a leader in Internet access analysis and management software. Award-winning ProxyInspector, the company's flagship product, is the complete solution for Internet usage analysis and reporting. The company was founded by the developers of ReportMagic for WinGate software, who used their experience to create two product families: ProxyInspector and MailDetective, which are now widely used by small and medium businesses all over the world. ADVSoft developers constantly improve these products and work on the new original projects. We strive to make all our products as friendly, simple and functional as possible.

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