MailDetective 3.0 released.

MailDetective 3.0 released.

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August 02, 2013

MailDetective 3.0 is a major update, incorporating a major new direction in the product development. Now sharing its code base with another ADVSoft product, ProxyInspector, MailDetective 3.0 becomes faster and easier to use than ever. MailDetective 3.0 now uses the same database format as ProxyInspector. This allows faster operation and removes the limit on how much information can be stored. MailDetective 3.0 can now keep many years’ worth of data without a sweet!

Switching between MailDetective and ProxyInspector or using both products on the same computer becomes much easier thanks to the common user interface. Users switching from one product to another will enjoy the convenience of the familiar interface without the need of learning the new tool. Sharing the code base among all our products allows us streamlining the updates. We’re sure you’ll appreciate new features added faster, and new versions of email servers supported sooner.

Finally, MailDetective 3.0 adds support for the latest versions of many popular email servers. New version supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Alt-N MDaemon 13.5, as well as the latest releases of QMail and Sendmail servers.

Simplified Licensing

With version 3.0, we are simplifying our licensing structure. Instead of two separate types of licenses for MailDetective and MailDetective for Exchange Server we’ll be featuring a single license type that combines the number of supported mail servers and individual mailboxes. The new licensing policy will make it easier to choose the right edition. The following licenses are available.

What’s New

MailDetective 3.0 introduces the following updates:
  • shares code base, user interface and database format with ProxyInspector 3.x;
  • new database engine much faster, supports unlimited storage size;
  • all processed data now stored in the database;
  • added PDF reports;
  • improved Excel reporting;
  • added support for Task Scheduler in Windows 7/8/2008 Server ;
  • added report print preview;
  • enhanced database cleanup features;
  • improved reporting wizard;
  • improved built-in report viewer;
  • improved task management: improved import, create and save functionality;
  • address-based filtering now performed during reporting instead of importing.

Supported mail servers:

  • Added support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013;
  • Added support for MDaemon 13.5;
  • Improved support for Exchange, QMail, Sendmail mail servers;
  • Added email subject line support MDaemon.

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