ProxyInspector: Corporate Internet Under Control

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October 15, 2003

ADVSoft company announced the beginning of beta testing of ProxyInspector for ISA Server, Enterprise edition.

ProxyInspector is a cost-effective solution for analysis of the corporate Internet connection usage. It works with popular proxy servers, retrieving from their log-files comprehensive information about your employees' behavior on the Internet. It will provide you with visual easy-to-understand reports on users activity, visited sites, attempts to access blocked resources etc.

With the help of ProxyInspector it becomes possible to determine the most active work stations, those resources that they visit and to get an idea of traffic distribution on sites, protocols, weekdays and hours.

New version of ProxyInspector for ISA Server provides the support for several, both standing in array and allocated, ISA servers.

ProxyInspector for ISA Server, Enterprise edition is the program that will be interesting to the following groups of customers:

  • The companies that have one ISA server with a big number of users (more than 100 users);
  • The companies that have an array of several ISA servers;
  • The companies that have several separate ISA servers, including the servers that are geographically spaced.

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