ProxyInspector 3.8 Update: CrystalWeb Technology to Offer Clean, Straightforward Reporting

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March 25, 2017

ADVSoft updates ProxyInspector, the company’s flagship traffic analysis tool for small and medium businesses. Version 3.8 offers significant improvements to reporting thanks to the exclusive CrystalWeb technology. CrystalWeb filters third-party trackers, social buttons, ad services, analytic and content delivery networks and keeps them out of your reports. Powered with CrystalWeb technology, ProxyInspector 3.8 receives the ability to automatically filter top-level domain names to only process resources that have been actually requested by the user. This specifically excludes requests to CDNs, off-site scripts, images and injected code. By keeping those bits off the report, ProxyInspector now offers reports that are significantly cleaner and more compact.

Historically, traffic analysis tools counted every request to build their reports. In early days of the Internet it worked like a charm. Plain HTML pages with maybe a few images were easy to handle. Today’s Web sites are cluttered with off-site bits and pieces. They include references to Google Analytics, beg for Facebook likes and Tweeter retweets, offer single sign-on services by various providers, and include off-site ads, tracking, statistics and suggested content provided by content delivery networks.

These off-site resources are automatically requested as the user opens a Web page. They load in background and are outside of the user’s control. These requests are logged by the corporate gateway or proxy server, and then appear in ProxyInspector reports. The many calls to off-site resources clutter the report, making it bloated and illegible.

CrystalWeb was designed to solve the problem of cluttered reports. Our new technology makes use of a database that consists of hand-picked domain names referring to content delivery networks, ad networks, trackers and analytic solutions, social buttons and other off-site snippets. CrystalWeb makes use of this database to clean up reports produced by ProxyInspector. The reports will now only contain Web sites that were actually opened by users in the Web browser. CrystalWeb technology is exclusively available to users of all editions of ProxyInspector 3.8 and newer.

ProxyInspector with CrystalWeb technology is available as a free update to all customers who are still within their free update and technical support period. Customers whose update and support period has expired can renew with standard renew discount. 

In addition to CrystalWeb reporting, the updated ProxyInspector offers improved support for Squid, DLink NetDefend, Cisco ASA and Cisco WSA.

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