MailDetective 2.0 released.

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July 04, 2005

MailDetective 2.0 belongs to the family of monitoring software which is extensively used in companies, governmental and educational organizations worldwide. It is designed to monitor email usage in the corporate networks. By analyzing log files of the mail server, the program provides detailed reports about all inbound and outbound emails and bandwidth consumption, including traffic distribution by users and email addresses. These reports may cover the entire company, individual employees or specific time intervals. By adopting MailDetective, the employer can easily estimate email traffic generated by certain employees, control personal and business email ratio and, consequently, optimize the consumption of corporate bandwidth.

The program can be run in two modes – interactive or console. The latter allows automating the entire process from importing log files to generating reports and saving them to disk or sending them by email. The interactive mode gives you the ability to customize the program settings, import log files manually, create reports with the Report Wizard or one of the previously saved templates, save reports in the MS Excel format or HTML, view and print them from the inbuilt HTML browser. Generated reports have a well-defined layout that delivers information in the structured, easily readable way. A typical mail-by-recipients report may contain such categories as email addresses of senders, local mail traffic, external mail traffic and traffic ratio.

“Internet access in companies and organizations can affect the productivity of employees and create bandwidth concerns,” says Dmitry V. Alferev, CEO of ADVSoft. “MailDetective 2.0 is a good solution for detecting internet abuse in offices and reducing its damage that costs companies millions dollars yearly. It provides you with the visual verification of mail circulation in the corporate network. You can learn who your employees communicate with, estimate traffic generated by particular employees and respond to the mail abuse immediately without letting frivolous employees misuse corporate bandwidth and, consequently, money.”

Supported mail servers are:
 Alt-N MDaemon 5.x-8.x;
 Kerio Mail Server 6.x;
 Microsoft® Exchange Server 2000;
 Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003;
 Merak Mail Server 7.x/8.x;
 VisNetic Mail Server 7.x/8.x;

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