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Matt Burdusis
Bay Valley Medical Group
ProxyInspector is easy to use and the updated version finds the detail quickly and accurately. The product is very intuitive and allows you to drill down easily to the needed information when questions arise. The graphical reports have been utilized heavily by our management and HR teams.
Tom Bennett
Easter Seals Arc of Northeast Indiana
We love ProxyInspector. It is easy to use and has provided us with a tool we can use to improve efficiency and cut down on unnecessary Internet bandwidth use, as well as watch that employees are using the Internet for work related activities and staying away from dangerous sites.
Dave Webb
Network/System Administrator, Mountain Comprehensive Care Center
I love the ProxyInspector software.  We used a competitor's software for years and due to a large increase in pricing we decided to look at other vendors.  ProxyInspector is priced right and works so much faster than our old software.  I can import 10GB of log files in minutes instead of hours. ( I actually had to use a usb stick with the old software because the import would time out) I  can run the monthly report on the 10GB of log files in less than 2 minutes.  This used to take me 30 to 45 minutes.  Thanks for a great product.
Neil Harrison
Systems Administrator, Compensation Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
Would like to thank your company for a fantastic application. It has given us total control over our mail server so as to now allow graphs on peak business times as well as abuse of company time in relation to junk mail. This application has made my life a lot easier.
Andrey Pilugin
Network Administrator, Torgoviy dom "Avto"
I work as a system administrator and use ProxyInspector quite often to monitor visited websites. This program is built correctly from an IT specialist's point of view and offers many reporting features. My job made me look for a very good and, which is most important, easy-to-use program, ProxyInspector meets all requirements for a program of this kind.
Joe Gay
Total Communications, Inc.
As far as I use ProxyInspector, I love it. It is the perfect adjunct to MS ISA. I couldn't get detail I needed without ProxyInspector. Great product: easy to install and use.
Harry Wieldraaijer
We are using ProxyInspector for a number of months now, and we are 100% satisfied by this application. It is simple to use, it has a good performance and it creates those reports where our management is asking for. And as our Internet users that the Internet usage is monitored they will be more careful on visiting nonbusiness websites.
Michael Pratt
Network Consultant, Downeast Networks, Inc.
I would like to say that your product is working very well in a couple of my client's environments.  Each time I install an ISA Server 2004 server and the client needs to have clear, consise reporting that has scheduled report generation capabilities I recommend your product.
Nick Wheeler
Ballina Shire Council
I have been using winproxy for many years and always found the product reliable. However it wasn`t untill I used ProxyInspector for Winproxy that I could fully utilise the logs and create useful reports. This product is excellent and I compliment the developers for making an easy and useful reporting facility. It has all the features that I need.