Configuring the WinGate 8 NAT log to work with ProxyInspector

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After installation, the NAT service log is enabled by default in WinGate 8 (destination folder for logs: logs\WinGate NAT Usage). Unfortunately, this log contains incomplete traffic information, which makes it useless for all intents and purposes. A workaround for this problem involves enabling the NAT diagnostic log (WinGate NAT, log type: diagnostic; destination folder for logs: logs\WinGate NAT), which stores complete traffic information. To do so, go to the WinGate management console, click Logging | Sources, and find WinGate NAT in the list of diagnostic logs (Log type: diagnostic): 

Open the settings of this log file: 

Change the level (Log level) to Info, then change the type to <Own log file> (WinGate NAT), and save changes. After these changes, log files compatible with ProxyInspector will be created in the logs\WinGate NAT folder.

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