ProxyInspector - log analyzer and reporter for popular UTM and Firewall/Proxy

ProxyInspector - reporting and log analyzer tool for internet gateways (Squid, TMG, Cisco ASA, WinGate, Sophos UTM, FortiGate and others)

Corporate Internet connection is convenient, offering convenient communication and blazing-fast access to information. At the same time, the Internet connection is a potential threat to both security of your corporate network and productivity of your employees. Leaks of confidential information, loss of employee productivity and plain waste of time while using the company’s Internet connection for personal entertainment can hurt your bottom line.

ProxyInspector offers the convenience of tracking your employees’ online activities by accounting their Internet traffic. Conveniently installed on a single computer on your local area network, ProxyInspector analyses log files produced by your existing UTM, proxy or firewall solution, making each and every user of your corporate network accountable. The tool does not need to run on your employee’s computers, and it does not interfere with their daily activities. Instead, it analyses the logs to figure out which Web sites they visit, what search queries they run, how much and what type of traffic they consume.

ProxyInspector offers comprehensive and highly configurable reporting, allowing network administrators to access, export or print just about any kind of statistical usage data about individual users, groups of users, or the entire network.

Using ProxyInspector in your corporate network helps protect your organization against data leaks, account Internet traffic consumed by each user on your network and improve employee productivity by accounting the time they wasted while using company-owned resources.

Traffic meter

Traffic counting by user, IP address, protocol, time of day, day of the week, and day of the month.

Visited websites and browsing history

Detailed statistics on visited websites by each user and their browsing history in chronological order.

Search phrases

Monitoring of usage of search engines (Google or Bing), search on major online stores, online job centers, and on many other sites.

Online video

Monitoring of video watching on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video websites.


Reporting on downloads: software or video game distribution packages, archives, HD videos, ISO disc images, or other unwanted content.


You don’t have to install any additional software on users’ computers or other devices.

Support for many popular gateways (UTM, Firewall, NG Firewall, Proxy)

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Feature-rich and affordable solution

Get all the necessary features at the best price! Per server licensing is used, and the number of users is unlimited.

ProxyInspector technologies


Reports only websites actually opened by the user (without CDNs, advertising networks, etc.)

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HTTP(S) inspection

Monitoring of web searches and video viewing by employees

Report exporting

You can easily export reports to these popular formats: HTML, PDF, and Microsoft Excel

Multiple UTM/Firewall support

Can process data from multiple servers with one ProxyInspector installation

Active Directory support

Can import information about users and user groups from Active Directory

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2/2016

Supported servers (UTM, Firewall, proxy)

  • Squid
  • pfSense
  • Sophos UTM
  • Sophos XG Firewall
  • FortiGate
  • Cisco ASA
  • Cisco ASA with CX module
  • Cisco ASA with FirePower services
  • Cisco WSA (Web Security Appliance/IronPort)
  • Kerio WinRoute Firewall
  • Microsoft ISA Server 2006
  • Microsoft ISA Server 2004
  • Microsoft ISA Server 2000
  • Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010
  • Qbik WinGate
  • BlueCoat ProxySG
  • EProxy/EServ
  • D-Link NetDefend
  • Zecurion ZProxy
  • Kerio Control

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