ProxyInspector features matrix

ProxyInspector 3.x StandardProxyInspector 3.x Enterprise
Console version
Local database support
Microsoft® SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 and Microsoft® SQL Server Express support
Max database sizeLimited to 2GbUnlimited for SQL server and local database
Limited to 4Gb for Microsoft® SQL Server Express
Active Directory synchronization
Work with several servers using one ProxyInspector installation*
Support for Qbik WinGate
Support for Ositis WinProxy
Support for Kerio® WinRoute/Control
Support for Squid
Support for EProxy/EServ
Support for Microsoft® ISA Server 2000/2004/2006/TMG 2010
Support for Sophos UTM
Support for Cisco IronPort/Web Security Appliance
Support for FortiGate
Support for BlueCoat ProxySG
Support for Zecurion ZProxy
Search phrases reporting (Sophos UTM, Microsoft® ISA Server/TMG 2010, WinGate 7.x, EServ/EProxy & Squid)
Firewall rules reporting (Microsoft® ISA Server/TMG 2010 only)
YouTube videos reporting (Sophos UTM, Microsoft® ISA Server/TMG 2010, WinGate 7.x, EServ/EProxy & Squid)

*- base price includes license for one proxy server