Changes in ProxyInspector with the release of CrystalWeb

Bullet icon Description of CrystalWeb technology

Changes in report sections

The Traffic by site section is now using CrystalWeb by default. You can still access the classic view with no CrystalWeb by using the nearby section called Traffic by site (+CDN/junk/etc.), which is not selected by default.

CrystalWeb database suggestions

Users can submit Web sites to be added into the CrystalWeb database. In order to submit a “junk” site (in Site traffic section), right-click for a context menu and select Report "" as junk site.

HTTP referrer support by various UTM / (NextGen-)Firewall / Proxy

In order to detect junk sites (CDN/ads/analytics/social buttons etc.), CrystalWeb relies on HTTP referrer. This field must be supported by your Internet gateway, UTM or proxy. At this time, some Internet gateways still lack support of HTTP referrers. The below table lists gateways and proxy servers that have or lack HTTP referrer support:

Supports HTTP referrer

Does not support HTTP referrer

Microsoft TMG 2010


WinGate (с версии 7 и выше)

Sophos UTM (с версии 9.3 и выше)

BlueCoat ProxySG (с версии 6.5 и выше)    

DLink NetDefend

Kerio Control
Cisco ASA

Cisco WSA (вероятно поддержка появится)

If HTTP referrer field is missing or empty, you can delete “junk” traffic from the report or group it into a single line.

Changes to database format

We made changes to the database format. Your local database will be upgraded automatically. In order to update your database based on Microsoft SQL Server, run updatetolatest.sql SQL script from the {ProxyInspector}\dbscripts folder.