Modern Web and Reporting: A Big Mess and A Smart Solution

Since the beginning of the Internet, there’ve been no lack of analytic tools. The Internet was growing and Web technologies were evolving, but tools a system administrator could use to control requests originating from their network did not keep their pace. Other than a few off-site analytic solutions, network administrators are still limited to tools whose roots go back some twenty years. What’s wrong about that?

The thing is, today’s Web sites are not exactly static Web pages anymore. CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, off-site trackers, single login and social network badges, Content Delivery Networks, context-sensitive ad networks (Google AdWords, Kontera) and Web analytics (Google Analytics and similar), location-based content and a lot more things are dragged into the single Web page the user wants to open. The problem is, many of those resources are hosted off-site, and are pulled from external resources with a different top-level domain name. This makes your gateway’s log files appear crumpled with hundreds of requests leading to various cryptic resources and suspicious-looking domain names.

Let’s take an example. The user opens A routine activity that requests data from some 50 external domains:

These requests are completely transparent and invisible to the user. System administrators don’t want to see they in their reports as these external domain names are pretty meaningless for analytical purposes.

Plain report, no CrystalWeb

The solution: ADVSoft CrystalWeb

That was before CrystalWeb. Our new technology introduces a carefully collected and constantly maintained database of domain names, CDNs, ad networks, single-login providers and similar junk URL’s you don’t want to appear in your reports. CrystalWeb cleans up reports made by ProxyInspector by filtering all the junk out and only keeping those Web addresses that users type or click in their Web browsers.

CrystalWeb: before and after

This technology is exclusively available to users of all editions of ProxyInspector 3.8 and newer. CrystalWeb database is automatically updated every time you launch ProxyInspector. The update is available to all customers who are still within their technical support and update window. Users can submit their own URLs to CrystalWeb by using a context menu when viewing reports.

Bullet icon What’s changed in ProxyInspector with CrystalWeb