ProxyInspector - Kerio WinRoute Firewall log analyzer version history

ProxyInspector - Kerio WinRoute Firewall log analyzer version history

[-] - Bug fixed
[*] - Feature changed/improved
[+] - Feature added 

19 November 2007
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7x
[-] fixed problem with duplicate hostnames in Activity by IP address report 
[-] lines with negative traffic value now generate an error in ProxyInspector import log 

21 March 2007
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7w
[*] support for Windows Vista
[+] IP address alias substitution in report header
[*] correct behaviour with large fonts in Windows
[-] few fixes in Microsoft Excel export routine

31 January 2006
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7v
[+] working time filter in reports
[-] fixed "Invalid value 0.01 for property MinValue in class PercentEdit" error
[-] minor fixes in task scheduler
[-] correct processing of /subject parameter in conjunction with /group parameter

10 October 2005
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7u
[-] correct processing of usernames in national encodings

18 July 2005
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7t
[-] fixed error in Workgroups editor: in some cases last group members may not be saved
[-] fixed error in custom report fonts/colors

31 March 2005
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7s
[-] fixed few errors in http.log/connection.log processing
[-] fixed error in task scheduler

2 March 2005
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7r
[+] Interbase support included in the main distributive
 fixed few errors in connection.log processing

21 February 2005
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7q
[+] support for http.log in Squid format
[+] support for MHT report format in console
[+] Task scheduler
[+] Report template copying
[+] Italian language added

[*] better protocol detection in connection.log
[*] separate columns for inbound and outbound traffic
[*] optimized memory usage during report generation

3 November 2004
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7i
[+] site exclusion by mask
[+] IP address exclusion by mask
[-] correct processing of usernames in languages other then english
[-] incorrect report emailing in HTML

10 June 2004
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7h
[+] SMTP authorisation using LOGIN or CRAM-MD5 methods now supported
[+] 7-bit encoded subjects now supported
[+] full database cleaning now can be done through menu
[*] improved date/time selection dialog
[*] -no_rewrite switch in PIConsole, with this switch report will not be rewrited if target file exists

12 January 2004
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7g
[-] work with log files when WinRoute engine started
[-] export into MS Excel with different Regional Settings
[-] double traffic data under Win9x

4 December 2003
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7f
[+] aliases for IP addresses
[+] report export into .mht format
[*] support for log files larger then 2Gb
[*] faster records compression
[*] extended site categorisation mode
[*] installer now support additional languages
[-] fixed incorrect Excel sheets naming
[-] correct processing of usernames in connection.log

27 October 2003
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7e
[*] WinRoute 5.1.x support

21 July 2003
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7c
[+] user realnames substitution in reports
[+] user aliases support
[-] correct work with WinRoute 5.x when working with Interbase/Firebird
[*] improved connection.log support

31 May 2003
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.7
[+] support for NAT log in WinRoute 5.x(connection.log)
[-] "BLOB has been modified" error message during import
[-] "Access violation at 00000000 in htmlreport.dll" when saving report with charts in HTML format

11 April 2003
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.6b
[-] fixed error when processing WinRoute 5.x log files

7 March 2003
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.6

[+] charts added
[*] better support of WinRoute 5.x

November 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.5
[*] records compression feature added, significantly increases import and report creation speed, upgrading instructions here

9 September 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.4
[+] ability to save reports in Microsoft Excel format

26 June 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.3b
[+] support for CSS in HTML-reports, significantly reduces report file size

22 May 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.3
[*] enhanced mail reporting

30 April 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.2a
[-] minor fixes in DNS resolver

12 April 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.2
[+] additional information now shown in records deletion dialog
[*] 10-20% faster when importing log files
[*] computer names instead of IP-addresses in http.log now supported
[*] database format changed

15 March 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.1
[*] "Activity by user" report now may be sorted by user names
[+] ProxyInspector console(PIConsole.exe) now can create reports

18 February 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.0b
[*] better support for WinRoute 4.2 and higher
[*] improved groups editor
[*] improved user properties editor

12 February 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.0a
[-] none records from mail.log were imported if local mail domains not defined in WinRoute
[-] error while creating "Mail by senders" report with sorting by local traffic on

31 January 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.0
Official release of WinRoute log analyzer.

27 January 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.0.RC3
[-] few errors during HTTP & SMTP/POP3 logs processing fixed
[*] faster import(up to 2-3 times faster)
[+] "live" links in reports
[+] local and external traffic now separated in "mail by senders" report

5 January 2002
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.0.RC2
[*] names of remote POP3 server are now shown in reports
[*] local mail transferred through SMTP server now not shown in reports
[*] few interface improvements

24 December 2001
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.0.RC1
You should remove old version before installing RC1.
[+] added support for POP3 entries in mail.log file
[+] added remote POP3 mailboxes report

27 November 2001
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.0.BETA3
[+] added support for SMTP server log files and appropriate reports
[-] several minor bug fixes
[*] major internal redesign, distributive is now about 450 Kb smaller than earlier

1 October 2001
ProxyInspector for WinRoute 2.0.BETA2
First public beta version of WinRoute log analyzer.