Creating MailDetective for Exchange Server database in Interbase/Firebird

Creating MailDetective for Exchange Server database in Interbase/Firebird

Please note:
Standard Firebird distributive doesn`t contain IBConsole tool. You may download it from Borland site(you will need to register on site):

or from our site:

To create a database on a computer with Interbase/Firebird installed, start the IBConsole utility (its icon is in the Interbase group) and log into a server (Server | Login). Immediately after installation, the login defaults are (we recommend not keeping the defaults):

Password: masterkey

Then start the Interactive SQL utility by choosing Tools > Interactive SQL....

The first time you want to use IBConsole after an Interbase/Firebird installation, you have to register the server before you can see it in IBConsole. Choose Server > Register, in the popup dialog select Local Server, and click OK. After this, repeat the server login procedure described above.

When the installation of MailDetective SQL is complete, you can find the script to create a database on Interbase/Firebird server in <MD>\dbscripts\interbase\, with <MD> being the folder where MailDetective is installed. Open this script in ISQL using the command Query > Load script:

Replace the line "enter database filename here" with a complete database filename(including full path and .gdb extension). If necessary, you can also change the user name and the password. Then select Query > Execute. A new database is created.

Now enter a path to the newly created database in MailDetective. Start MailDetective and choose
Database > Program settings on the page Database > Interbase server:

When you use the TCP/IP protocol, a path to a database consists of its name or its server IP address and the database full filename (the same name entered in the SQL script when this database was created) separated by a colon. For example:


If necessary, change the name of the user and their password for access to an Interbase server. It’s best to leave the option to Switch off indices when importing log files selected during the initial import of large DB files and to disable it after such an import.

After that, choose Interbase server on the page Database and click OK; then restart MailDetective. When you`ve completed this operation, choose Database > Connect to connect to the database.

To access a DB Interbase from other computers, a gds32.dll library must be present in their <WINDOWS>\system32 folder. You can obtain this library from the <WINDOWS>\system32 folder of a computer with an Interbase server. When you install the Interbase Client, the library is installed automatically.