MDaemon setup

MDaemon setup

MDaemon(all versions) uses <MDaemon>\logs folder for log files storage(where <MDaemon> is server installation folder, C:\MDaemon by default). You should enter <MDaemon>\logs path in MailDetective settings (Program settings -> Mail Server -> Path to log files).

MDaemon 12.x/13.x

Select Setup -> Default Domain & Servers, same settings as in older versions, but divided into two pages, page 1:
MDaemon 12 settings

page 2:
MDaemon 12 settings

MDaemon 8.x/9.x

All is same as in version 7.x, but you need to switch on one more option: Create 'All' log

MDaemon 7.x

1. Select Setup -> Logging options... 

2. On the Log Mode tab switch on Create a new set of log files each day option

3. On the Maintenance tab switch off all options and set Maximum log file size value to zero

4. On the Options tab switch on the following options: Log message parsing activitiesLog AntiVirus activity and Log Spam Filter activity:

MDaemon 6.x

1. Select Setup -> Logging options... 

2. Switch on the following options: Create a new set of log files each day and  Log SMTP activity

3. Set Maximum log file size value to zero.