Microsoft® Exchange Server setup

To enable logging in Microsoft® Exchange Server 2000 or Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003:

1. Run Microsoft® Exchange System Manager.

2. Found the Servers container. The Servers container can be at the top level if no Administrative Groups are defined or displayed. If Administrative Groups are defined or displayed, the container can be found in the relevant Administrative Group container.

3. Expand the Servers container to see the list of servers.

4. Click the server on which you intend to enable logging.

5. Right-click the server, and then click Properties.

6. On the General tab, switch on  the Enable Message Tracking check box. You can also change log files location in Log file directory field(by default points to \Exchsrvr\YourServer.log folder), you should enter this path in the MailDetective Program Settings on the Mail Server page.

Microsoft Exchange Server setup