Creating a database in Microsoft® SQL Server 2005

Creating a database in Microsoft® SQL Server 2005

To create a MailDetective DB on Microsoft® SQL Server 2005, start the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio utility from the SQL server bundle.

SQL Express 2005:
There are no Management Studio tool in standard SQL Express download. You should download it separately from
SQL Express 2005 site.

When you have connected to the server, choose File | Open | File (Control+O):

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Studio

You can find the SQL script to create a DB in MS SQL in the folder <MD>\dbscripts\mssql, with <MD> being the folder where MailDetective is installed. By default, the DB you create gets the name MD_EXCHANGE. If you want to name it differently, you must change all of the lines with "MD_EXCHANGE" to another legitimate DB name. When you have the script opened (and if necessary, edited), select Query | Execute (F5) to create a database. The default character table and folder from the server settings will be used for its creation.

Once this is done, you`ll need to set the DB parameters in MailDetective. Start MailDetective and choose Database > Program settings from the page Database > ADO access:

Press Build button:

select Microsoft OLD DB Provider  for SQL Server and press Next>>:

SQL Express 2005:
Use COMPUTER_NAME\SQLEXPRESS as database server name.

You need to enter the server name and select authorization method, then you should select database name on the server(MD_EXCHANGE if you have not changed it).

After that, choose ADO access on the page Database and click OK; then restart MailDetective. When you`ve completed this operation, choose Database > Connect to connect to the database.