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Common (Import options)

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This section contains import options that are common for the majority of supported servers.


These options only apply to the import stage and do not affect the data in the database.



Log files management

This function enables you to delete or archive (recommended) log files that haven’t been changed for a set number of days. If permitted, the log files management procedure will start at the end of each log files import operation. This option is unavailable for Squid servers.

Conversion of IP addresses

In some cases, log files contain IP addresses instead of actual site names. This option enables you to convert IP addresses into proper site names during the import process. This conversion is not always possible, so in these cases, logged IP addresses will remain unchanged. Enabling this option can also affect the log files processing times. A number of additional settings are available on the IP addresses conversion tab.


Records compression

This option enables compression of traffic data in a set time interval (60 minutes by default). This allows you to significantly decrease the size of the database and speed up the report generation process. The negative side of this option is that the software rounds the values of request times to the limit of the compression interval (for instance, if the compression interval is 60 minutes, all requests made between 1 PM and 1:59:59 PM will be registered as made  at 1 PM), but it’s not critical in the overwhelming majority of cases.


Protocol processing

This option determines the method of processing protocols that cannot be identified using a port number or a substring with the help of the table in the Protocols editor. This option is unavailable for the following servers: WinProxy, WinRoute, Squid, EServ.


Determines the maximum number of sequential errors in a log file after which the file is marked as invalid and its processing stops.


URL processing

The URL processing option enables you to selectively remove subdomains of the 3-rd (and above) level from URLs.

"Remove subdomains" – when this option is enabled, ProxyInspector will only save the main (first-level) domain name to the database. For instance, will be saved as

"Apply only to listed below domains" – allows you to specify the list of domains that will not be processed by the program