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Configuring database connection

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The ProxyInspector 3.x Enterprise edition allows to use both the in-built database and Microsoft SQL Server database. The in-built database provides high report import and creation speed and high reliability. In addition it is not limited in size. To select the database type click Database -> Database settings.


Creating Microsoft SQL Server Database


To create the ProxyInspector database with the Microsoft SQL Server run the Query Analyzer utility from the SQL server package. When connection to the server is established click Load SQL Script:



the SQL script for creating the database with the MS SQL can be found in <PI>\dbscripts\mssql, where <PI> is a folder where the ProxyInspector is installed. The database is named PI3DB by default. To change its name replace all occurrences of the 'PI3DB' string with different acceptable name of the database. After the script is opened and edited (if required) run the Query | Execute command to create the database. When the database is created the default character table and catalog from the server settings will be used. The 'pi3' user will also be added to the database.
Then the database parameters should be specified in the ProxyInspector. Run the ProxyInspector and click Database -> Database settings:



specify the server and instance name (e.g. SQLEXPRESS if the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express is installed) and authorization method and then select the database on the server (with a default PI3DB name or with any other database name used by you). Click Save. The new settings will take effect only after you reconnect to the database or restart the application.