ProxyInspector 3.x Enterprise edition manuals :: Email

ProxyInspector 3.x Enterprise edition manuals :: Email


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The Email section provides access to email settings required for sending reports to users.



Report delivery is only available in the registered version of the program.



Enter the address (or the domain name) of the SMTP server into the Address field. Enter the port number (25 by default) into the Port field. If your SMTP server requires authorization, you will also need to select the necessary method (LOGIN or MD5) and specify the Login and Password values.


You can also specify the Sender address and the Subject for your emails. The following macros can be used in the Subject field:


%REPORTCAPTION% - report header

%MAILFROM% - the value of the “from” field of the message

%DATETIME% - time/date at dispatch

%TIMEFRAME% - report time interval


If the “Do not use 8-bit characters in message body” option is enabled, the message subject will be MIME-encoded.


A report can be sent as an HTML message or as a plain text message with an attachment (in HTML, MHT, Excel, PDF or ProxyInspector formats). In this case, you can specify the text of the message separately and use the same macros as in the Subject field.