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Filtering by rule

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These options are valid during the import phase only and do not affect the information in the database.

Available only for Microsoft ISA Server and WinRoute.


The Filtering by Rule item organizes the options that determine filtering rules by the rule of the proxy server during the import phase.



Enable filtering by rule on import stage — select this option to enable filtering by a rule during the import phase. The remaining filtering options are available only after this option is selected.


Do not process rules listed below — when this option is selected the records in the log files containing the specified rules will be excluded from processing. This excluding option may be of use when the number of the rules to be excluded is lower than the number of the remaining rules.


Process only rules listed below — selecting this option will result in processing only those records in the log files that contain the rules specified in the list. Use this option when the number of the rules to be processed is lower than the number of the remaining rules.


To add a rule to the filtering list type it in the text box under the list and click Add.


The rule can be specified using the wildcard characters * and ?.


To add several rules to the filtering list simultaneously type them in the text box separated by the «;» character and click Add. If the import operation was performed previously then the rules to be added can be selected from the list generated by the application. To do this click Select, select the rules in the list displayed and click Select.


To delete the rule from the list select it in the list and click Delete.