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Getting started

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Once the program is installed, you have to configure the program settings.


ProxyInspector 3.x Enterprise Edition supports work with several proxy servers simultaneously. Servers can be logically grouped in domains. At the first connection to a database, default domain will be created. You can add a server in this domain and create other domains and servers.


It is necessary to set at least one server and to specify its parametres. It can be made in Settings-> Domains and servers.



Configuring the proxy server(s)


First, you have to make sure that your proxy server settings are configured as per our recommendations and that the server creates log files in the right format. You can find detailed configuration instructions for each type of server below:



Configuring ProxyInspector to work with specific servers


Once your server has been configured, you have to modify some server-specific settings in ProxyInspector:


Helpful information
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ProxyInspector Import settings


The settings are used during data import only, so it is recommended to configure them before any import takes place. Should you need to change these settings in the future, clear the database and re-import data with new settings.