ProxyInspector 3.x Enterprise edition manuals :: Introduction

ProxyInspector 3.x Enterprise edition manuals :: Introduction


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ProxyInspector 3.õ – comfortable, fast and efficient Internet monitoring


These days, high-speed Internet is an integral part of business life and office work. Sending and receiving emails, chatting with business partners in instant messengers, making Skype calls, placing ads on the Internet, running online marketing campaigns – no wonder that employees spend so much time on the World Wide Web. However, free access to online resources spawned a wide-spread phenomenon that was soon dubbed “cyberslacking”. This term denotes unauthorized use of the corporate Internet access at workplaces that became a real pain in the neck for a great number of managers.


Office workers spend a lot of time shopping in online stores, chatting with friends, browsing social networks and even searching for new jobs! There have been cases when employees spent 8 hours a day downloading porno movies and photos. This created extra load on the corporate network and created situations when other emplyees could not even use email.


Cybeslacking made managers take actions against such situations. Internet filters and black lists turned out to be inefficient, as their updates and support took too much time. At the moment, Internet-monitoring tools are the most efficient method of controlling the use of the corporate Internet access. These applications cannot be characterized as violating privacy – they prevent abuse of corporate resources and unauthorized use of business assets. According to recent studies, an average employee spends around two hours a day using the corporate Internet access for personal purposes. The aggregated losses of American companies are estimated at over 1 billion dollars annually!


ADVSoft announces ProxyInspector 3.õ – the best software solution for corporate Internet traffic analysis. The ProxyInspector line of products provides everything necessary for efficient monitoring that will help you keep your employees at work and improve their performance. How can managers and system administrators benefit from using ProxyInspector? You can:


control the use of the corporate Internet;
prevent unauthorized use of the Internet;
prevent data leaks;
improve performance and lower expenses.


Reports created in ProxyInspector 3.x enable you to obtain different kinds of information about the use of the corporate Internet connection:


Which users were most active on the Internet;

Which workstations generated most incoming or outgoing traffic, including grouping by subnets;

Which sites were visited most frequently, how much traffic was spent. The feature supports grouping by categories;
Which protocols accounted for most of the traffic;
Which resources were visited by specific users or user groups;
Separation of traffic by content (images, video, music, etc);
Calculation of incoming and outgoing traffic for each day of the selected time interval;
Which programs were used for accessing the Internet (only for Microsoft ISA Server);
Other report types.


How does ProxyInspector 3.x work?

The program analyzed log files of the proxy server and provides a comprehensive report about Internet-activities in a structured and well-readable way. ProxyInspector will provide you with an overview of the most active workstations and users, the resources they visit and applications they use (application statistics are only available for Microsoft ISA Server), traffic distribution by sites, protocols, days, time and other elements. The program works quickly even with large log files.


Apart from that, ProxyInspector enables you to create reports using a wizard and save them in HTML, PDF and Microsoft Excel formats, print reports from the built-in browser, as well as email reports to users. Flexible report configuration tools will come as a pleasant surprise, while the variety of report types will allow you to choose the one that better suits the needs of your corporate network.


Key features of ProxyInspector:

Support of the most popular types of proxy servers: Microsoft ISA Server 2000/2004/2006, TMG 2010, Kerio WinRoute Firewall, Qbik WinGate, Squid, EServ and Ositis WinProxy;
Reports in the form of tables and charts;
Flexible report configuration;
Integrated report browser;
Export of reports into HTML, PDF and Excel formats;
Printing from the browser;
Automated report generation;
Delivery of reports by email.


ProxyInspector Enterprise Edition


Besides the standard version, ProxyInspector is also available in the Enterprise edition. It was developed for large companies and was adjusted for their specific needs.


The key features of the Enterprise version are:

support of multiple servers (both dedicated servers and clusters, including distributed ones);
support of Microsoft® SQL Server(2000 and above) for storing the ProxyInspector database;
Active Directory support;
reports based on firewall rules (available for Microsoft ISA Server and WinRoute only).


System Requirements


512 MB RAM and above;
Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7.