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Kerio WinRoute Firewall 5.x/6.x

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HTTP Proxy logging


Before you start working with ProxyInspector please make sure that WinRoute non-transparent HTTP proxy server is enabled and client browser configured to work through it. Start Kerio Administration console, go to Configuration | Content Filtering | HTTP Policy and select Proxy Server tab:




If the Enable non-transparent proxy server checkbox is clear, please mark it and press Apply.


Firewall logging


To enable firewall logging open Configuration | Traffic policy page in Kerio Administration Console and enable Log matching connections option for any allow-rule that you want to analyze.




How to enable user authorisation in WinRoute HTTP proxy


You will need user authorisation in case if you want to get report with activity by users. If user authorisation is off, WinRoute will not write usernames into log file and you will see only Not given username in ProxyInspector report.


In order to enable authorisation please do the following:

Run Kerio Administration console, select Configuration | Content Filtering | HTTP Police tab, than select URL Rules page. You need to add at least one URL, '*' means any site in the world. To add URL press Add button: enter URL and select Redirect user to firewall login page option.




Latest KFW versions already have Authenticate all users rule in traffic policy and you only need to enable it.