ProxyInspector 3.x Enterprise edition manuals :: Migrating from ProxyInspector 2.x

ProxyInspector 3.x Enterprise edition manuals :: Migrating from ProxyInspector 2.x

Migrating from ProxyInspector 2.x

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If you were using an older version of the program, you can partially transfer your data using the migration wizard. It can be started by running Settings | Migration wizard (ProxyInspector 2.x). Use the Next > button to proceed to the next step and the < Back button to go back. You can cancel the migration process at any time by pressing Cancel.



The wizard enables you to specify the location of the data files of ProxyInspector 2.x. If the program was installed in the default installation folder, you don’t have to change the path to the data files.

You can specify the types of data to be transferred on the next step.



Regardless of the selected options, traffic information will not be transferred and you will have to import the log files again.



To transfer the selected elements, press the Transfer button. The wizard will indicate the start of the transfer process and will report of its completion.

For ProxyInspector 2.x Enterprise edition you should specify which servers should be migrated from 2.x to 3.x. Additionally it is need to select which domain all servers should be moved to


If you used a local database (not Interbase/Firebird), you will have to copy the following files from the ProxyInspector 2.x installation folder (the default folder is <Program Files>\ProxyInspector for {proxy server}\) to the ProxyInspector 3.x installation folder (the default location is <Program Files>\ProxyInspector 3 {edition}\) :