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Site grouping

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Site grouping allows you to join sites into groups that match specific masks. For instance, you can add all the sites in the .EU zone into a group called EU.


Example of report with site grouping enabled

Example of report with site grouping enabled


Site grouping is enabled when a report or template is created in the Report Wizard. Just go to the Traffic by site section on the Report sections page and enable the Group by sites option.




Site groups are defined under the Site grouping tab on the Program settings page. Here you can also set the default value for the Group by sites option in the Report wizard.



Grouping rules are organized in the form of a list. To add a rule, enter the names of the sites to be added to a single group into the Sites  separated with “;” (or substrings) field. The program supports masks as site names (using * and ? characters). The name of the group is entered into the Group field. To add a rule to the list, press the Add button. To delete a rule, select it in the list and press Delete.