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Subnet report, settings

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ProxyInspector is capable of generating reports on local IP subnets. An IP subnet is determined by a starting and ending address, which makes it possible to specify both classic IP subnets and arbitrary continuous IP ranges. To generate a subnet report, select Subnet as an administrative unit in the Report Wizard on the report type selection stage.


The subnet editor enables you to define the subnets to be used in the report.


Subnet editor

Subnet editor


To open the subnet editor, use the Settings | Subnet editor command in the main program menu. A list of subnets will be shown in the editor window. To create a new subnet, press the Create button. You will now be able to configure the subnet’s parameters. By default, each new subnet’s name is Unnamed. To change a subnet’s parameters, select a subnet from the list. Enter a new address in the Address field. The name and description of a subnet are entered in the fields below. To remove a subnet, select one from the list and press the Delete button.


To finish working with the editor and save the changes, press Save. To close the window without saving the changes, press Cancel.


It is also possible to set IP address grouping by specific subgroups while ñreating a report in the Report Wizard.