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User properties editor

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The user properties editor allows you to match user names recorded in log files with actual user’s data. This makes reports more informative and readable, as they display actual user names instead of proxy server account names. To open the editor, use the Settings | User editor command from the main program menu.



The editor window contains a list of users in the form of a table. The first column is populated automatically when data are imported from log files. The second, third and fourth columns can be used for the real name, description and email address, respectively.


The email address is used for sending traffic reports to users if a group report is created (see the /group key in the console).


It is possible to sort the table by any of the four columns. To change the sorting order, click the header of the necessary column. To edit a cell, select it with the left mouse button and press F2 or click the cell again. To finish editing, press Enter or select another table element. To search for a string in the table, enter the search term in the input field under the table. To finish editing and save the changes, press ÎÊ. To close the window without saving the changes, press Cancel.