ProxyInspector 3.x Standard edition manuals :: Console

ProxyInspector 3.x Standard edition manuals :: Console


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ProxyInspector enables you to automate the tasks of importing log files and creating reports, as well as a number of other actions.



The quickest way to create log file import and report creation tasks is to use the task scheduler.


Automation of the log file import


The following command can be used for importing log files:
PI3Console.exe -import


Report creation



Console functions are only available in the registered version of the program.


The console of ProxyInspector enables you to automate report creation and delivery. A created report can be saved to a specified file or sent by email. To be able to use a report from the console, you need to save it as a template in the Report Wizard. Use the following command to create a report and save it to a file:

PI3Console.exe -report "name_of_report_template" /saveto="file_name"


To create summary report you need to use -top command:

-top(lines_number):report_type [/datetime="date_interval"] [/sortby="sort_column"]



lines_number - number of lines in summary report, should follow -top command without space, -top5 èëè -top10 for example


report_type - possible values are:

user - create report for top x users

site - create report for top x sites

ftpuser - create report for top x ftp users

wwwuser - create report for top x www users


/datetime - defines repot time frame, possible values for date_interval are:



this week

last week

this month

last month

from year-month-day hour:min:sec to year-month-day hour:min:sec - from or to part may be missed, year-month-day may be replaced with *



from * to * - will create report without date/time filter i.e. for whole data in database

from 2009-10-25 0:0:0 - will create report with all data starting from 2009-10-25 0:0:0


If /datetime parameter is ommited, report will be created using date time settings for summary reports defined on Start page.


/sortby - defines report sort column, sort_column possible values are:








Examples of summary report command line:

PI3Console.exe -top10:user /saveto="file_name"

PI3Console.exe -top5:site /datetime="from 2009-01-01 0:0:0 to 2009-01-01 23:59:59" /saveto="file_name"

PI3Console.exe -top15:ftpuser /datetime="from * to *" /sortby="sent" /saveto="file_name"

PI3Console.exe -top20:wwwuser /datetime="this month" /sortby="total" /saveto="file_name"


If the file already exists, it will be overwritten. To avoid it, use the /no_rewrite key.


The command for creating and emailing a report by mail has the following format:

PI3Console.exe -report "name_of_report_template " /mailto="recipient" [/subject="message_subject"]

you can specify several addresses using ';' as a delimiter.


By default, the report will be created in the HTML format.


Additional keys for creating/sending reports:

/excel – the report will be created as a Microsoft® Excel book; Excel should be installed on the machine with ProxyInspector

/mht – the report will be created in the MHT format
/pir – the report will be created in the internal format, which will enable you to open it for viewing in the future
/pdf – the report will be created in the PDF format


/filename="file_name" – the report will be attached to the message under this name.


/group="group_name" – create a report for each member of the specified group. The selected report template should be a template for one user (any). This option is not available in ProxyInspector for WinProxy and the MailDetective line of products. You can save generated reports to your hard drive and send them by email. When sending reports by email, user-specific reports will be sent to the addresses specified in users’ properties. The /mailto key sets the default email address for a user with no email address specified in the properties. Below is an example of using the /group key:


PI3Console.exe -report "TemplateForSomeUser" /saveto="C:\Reports\MyGroup\report.pdf" /group="MyGroup" /pdf

(Reports will be created for each user from group MyGroup and saved as reportN.pdf in C:\Reports\MyGroup)


PI3Console.exe -report "TemplateForSomeUser" /mailto="admin@company.domain" /group="MyGroup" /excel

(Each user from group MyGroup will receive a report based on template TemplateForSomeUser. If a user doesn’t have an email address in his/her properties, the report will be sent to admin@company.domain)



Console logs


Each time the console is started, a log file is created (named as consoleddmmyy.hhmmss.log) in <Documents and Settings>\All Users\Application Data\ADVSoft\%Program_name%\logs with a full list of notifications and error messages.


Sometimes, it is necessary to disable on-screen output of notifications. In this case, use the –silent key. The log file will also be created in this case. Log files are stored for 7 days before getting deleted.