ProxyInspector 3.x Standard edition manuals :: Installing and Uninstalling

Installing and Uninstalling

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To install the software, you must have Administrator or Power User rights.

To install the program, run the installation file and follow the on-screen instructions.


Executable and other files that do not require write permissions during their operation will be installed to the folder specified during installation (by default – to {program files}\{product name}, where {product name} is the name of the product, for instance ProxyInspector 3 Standard).


Data and configuration files will be installed into the {documents&settings}\All Users\Application Data\ADVSoft\{short_product_name} folder, where {allusers} is the path to the All Users folder, and {short_product_name} is the name of the program, for instance PI3Std. This folder will also contain the local database, archived log files, import protocols and other program data. By default, the Application Data folder has a “Hidden” attribute. In Windows Vista, data files will be installed into the {root_drive}:\ProgramData\ADVSoft\{short_product_name} folder, where {root_drive} is the name of the disk the operating system is installed on.

The program can be uninstalled using the standard “Install/Uninstall Programs” applet in the Windows Control Panel. During uninstallation, data and configuration files will not be deleted. However, they can be deleted manually.