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Conversion of IP addresses

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The Conversion of IP addresses section contains the settings related to converting IP addresses into site names on the import stage. Conversion allows you to create clearer and better readable reports.




For conversion, the program sends requests to the DNS server. Program settings define the conversion sequence.


Cache results — if this option is enabled, request results are saved and subsequent requests for an allowed address are not made. Instead, the saved values are used. By default, this setting is enabled. The cache is stored in {documents&settings}\All Users\Application Data\ADVSoft\{short_product_name}\conf\hosts.txt, where {short_product_name} is the short name of the product (e.g. PI3Std).


Cache unresolved results — if this option is enabled, the result of a prohibit request is saved and subsequent requests for this address are not made. Instead, the saved value is used.


Maximum number of simultaneously runned requests — larger numbers result in faster processing (given a sufficiently fast connection), as conversion is carried out in several concurrent threads. Very large numbers can interfere with the work or other programs that use the connection. The max value is 200, the default value is 50.


Always use this DNS server — specify the server that the program will send IP conversion requests to. By default, the program takes the server address from Windows settings and you don’t need to specify it.