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Kerio WinRoute Pro/Firewall

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These settings should be configured prior to the first import operation, as they apply to the import stage only.




If WinRoute and ProxyInspector are installed in the same computer, the path to log files is automatically read from the registry (the Retrieve path from registry option is selected by default). If WinRoute and ProxyInspector are installed on different computers, you should select the Custom log files path option and specify the path to a local or network location (in the UNC format) in the corresponding field.


The WinRoute server works with several types of log files. You can also import data from http.log and connection.log. The selection of log files for importing is determined by the values of Process http log files and Process connection log files settings. These options are enabled by default. Two other options determine whether the program will process the main log files or the files created after a rollback during the import stage.


WinRoute version — this section allows you to choose the version of WinRoute installed on your computer (if there are several ones, the latest one is selected automatically).



You have to choose the right version of WinRoute, as starting from version 4.2, the program has been using a different registry key for storing its settings.



For correct analysis of the connection.log file, you need to specify the local IP ranges and the names of local computers. This can be done using the corresponding tabs of the Main settings window.


Table of local names


In certain cases, WinRoute records the name of the client computer (or its full DNS name) instead of its IP address in the connection.log file. The table of local names enables you to set name/IP associations. In this case, only IP addresses will be shown in reports instead of NAME+IP ADDRESS.



This function will only work correctly if DHCP is disabled.