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Log files manager (Processed log files)

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The log files manager is intended for viewing and selective deletion of imported log files. The window of the log files manager can be opened using the Database | Processed log files.




The window lists all the log files that were imported into the database and specifies their number. Each processed file is accompanied by its name, size in bytes and the number of lines (at the time of the last import). The log files manager enables you to delete selected log files and the associated database information. This operation only affects the database of ProxyInspector, so if the deleted log files are still in the log files folder of the server, they will be processed during the next import operation with the current settings. For a full database purge (removal of all log files and associated data) use the special clear database function.


To delete a file, check the corresponding box in the left column and press Delete. The program will show a confirmation prompt and will delete the selected files after your confirmation. Pressing Cancel will close the window.