ProxyInspector 3.x Standard edition manuals :: User interface

ProxyInspector 3.x Standard edition manuals :: User interface

User interface

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The main program window provides access to all of its functions. The top part of the window is occupied by a menu with commands grouped into four categories: Database, Settings, Report and Help. The main part of the window is divided into three pages: Start, Report and Tasks.


Main menu




Delete records – starts the record deletion wizard
Clear database – opens the database purge dialog
Import log files – start importing log files into a predefined folder
Processed log files - management of processed log files
ProxyInspector logs – analysis of messages generated during the work of the program
Exit – quits ProxyInspector 3.x



Base settings – opens the general settings window of ProxyInspector 3.x
Workgroup editor – view and edit user groups
User editor – view and edit user properties
Protocol editor – set user protocols
Subnet editor - set subnet IP addresses of workstations
Scheduled tasks - schedule tasks for importing data, generating and delivering reports
Select server kind – enables you to select the type of the proxy server used in your company
Migration wizard(ProxyInspector 2.x) - transfer of data and settings from an installed copy of ProxyInspector 2.x
Interface language – selection of the interface language


Report wizard – start creating a report
Open saved report – view a previously saved report



Product web page – open a web page with a description of ProxyInspector 3.x
Contact us – open a web page with contact information
Report a problem – open a problem/bug report wizard
Help contents – open this document
Frequently Asked Questions – a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers to them
Purchase – link to the purchase page
About... – brief information about the current version of ProxyInspector


Start page


The start page is intended for:

Quick access to the most frequently used functions of the program (import of log files, settings, etc.)
Creation and configuration of summary reports
Creation of quick reports
Management of report templates







Report page
The Report page allows you to quickly access the features related to creating and viewing reports. The left part of the page displays the table of contents for each report and facilitates navigation between report sections (the table of report contents in the left part of the page can be disabled in Base settings | Appearance & Formats – in this case, the table will be shown at the beginning of each report (as in version 2.x), while the right part displays the report data. You can also browse the list of created reports using the Previous/Next buttons (a report can be selected from the dropdown lists associated with these buttons) and tabs with report names.




Tasks in Progress page


This page enables you to obtain detailed information about import operations, as well as creation and saving of reports. The Import tab in the middle part of the page contains import statistics and the Cancel button which cancels the execution of the current import operation. The Common log and Import Thread tabs also contain logs of import operations. The lower part of the page is occupied by the Reporting tasks tab that lists the report generation and saving tasks, as well as relevant additional information. The Cancel button allows you to terminate the execution of the selected task. The Clear finished tasks button trims the list by removing information about completed tasks.