ProxyInspector 3.x Standard edition manuals :: Report structure, report section types

ProxyInspector 3.x Standard edition manuals :: Report structure, report section types

Report structure, report section types

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Each report consists of a table of contents, at least one part and a signature. Each part consists of at least one section. A server-specific report always consists of only one section. The number of sections in other reports depends on the number of selected elements and the selected method of data presentation (if several elements are joined into a single section, there will be only one section, otherwise a separate section will correspond to each element, user, IP address, etc. The content can be displayed at the beginning of report or in the form of a tree.


Each section contains a table and/or a chart showing traffic distribution according to the criteria specified at the previous stage using the Report wizard.


For easier navigation, the left part of the viewer is used for showing the tree-like structure of reports. Each section of the tree is associated with a top level element. Nested elements are links to corresponding sections of each part.


Report contents

Report contents


This example shows that the report consists of two parts – for user "administrator" and user "al4001aup-en$". Each part consists of several sections, such as Traffic by IP, Traffic by Content, Traffic by Site, Traffic by Hour, etc.


The table in this section contains the following fields:

The following criteria are used for traffic reporting (for instance, Content, Site, Hour, IP Address and others)

Request – the number of requests

Time spent – the total time spent by the proxy server on processing requests

Sent – the amount of data sent

Received – the amount of data received

Total traffic – total amount of traffic (sent and received)

% – the percent value calculated on the basis of the value of the previously selected field.