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Site report

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To create the site report type the address of the Web site to be used for creating the report.


You can specify wildcards in your typed URL. In this case the report will include all sites with the address matching the wildcard pattern specified.


The following wildcard characters are supported:

* - Any number of the characters. E.g. *game* allows to create the report for all sites with the URL containing the word game.

$ - This character is used only at the beginning of the URL to be typed. It allows to specify the site and its subdomains. E.g. the report for $ will include,, etc. When the * pattern is specified then the report can include the sites of the type.

? - Any single character. E.g. google.?? allows to include,, etc in the report.


When the wildcard pattern is specified the report will have the sites included in it organized. Thus you can learn what sites were used for creating the report.