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Site aliasing

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These options apply to the import stage only and do not affect the data in the database.


The Site aliasing section contains the settings related to site substitution on the import stage.




Enable site aliasing on import stage — enable this option to substitute site names by aliases on the import stage. The rest of the site substitution options on the import stage will become available when this option is enabled.


Site substitution allows you to generate clearer and better readable reports, as the software will substitute site addresses by aliases defined in the program settings. For instance, you can use the names of Internet resources as aliases. To match a site address and an alias, you need to add an address to the substitution list, enter an alias into the Alias field and press Add. To associate multiple addresses with a single alias, enter them using a semi-colon (“;”) as a delimiter into the input field.

To remove an address/alias association from the substitution list, select it in the list and press the Delete button.