ProxyInspector 3.x Standard edition manuals :: Report by workgroups, workgroups editor

ProxyInspector 3.x Standard edition manuals :: Report by workgroups, workgroups editor

Report by workgroups, workgroups editor

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ProxyInspector allows you to generate reports by workgroups – for instance, the ones corresponding to specific employee groups. To create a report on one or several workgroups, you have to select the Workgroup option on the Report kind (administrative unit for report generation) step in Report wizard  and mark one or several groups on the next step. It’s also possible to configure the data representation mode on this step: a separate part for each element or all elements in a single part.




Editing of groups is carried our using the Workgroup editor that can be opened using the Settings | Workgroup editor command.



This editor enables you to create new workgroups, rename and delete existing ones, as well as to modify the list of group members.


The list of group members can be updated or completely replaced by exporting data from a text file. Each line in such a file should be in the group_name, user_name format. For instance:

Group1, admin

Group1, user

Group2, guest


To create a new group, press Create.  By default, groups will receive names combined from the word “Group” and the number of the group being created. To rename a group, select it, press the Rename button or left-click the name of the group, enter the new name and press Enter or choose another element of the editor’s window to finish the editing process.


The Available users list is formed automatically after the import of log files and contains all the users except for the ones already added to the group. To change the list of group users, select the group and use the buttons at the bottom of the window. The < button adds selected users to a group, while the > button removes them from the list. If you want to select several list elements, use the Ctrl and Shift buttons when clicking the necessary items. The << button adds all available users to the list, while the >> button moves the group members to the list of available users.


To delete a group, select it and press Delete. Attention! Group deletion is carried out without a confirmation request and cannot be cancelled. To cancel group deletion, you can close the window by pressing Cancel. All the changes made in the editor window will be cancelled. To save changes and close the window, press the Save button.