Setting ProxyInspector for Working With Interbase/Firebird

1. After installation a clean database file db.gdb will be placed in <ProxyInspector>\dbclean\interbase6

Registering the database in Interbase

2. Run IBConsole.exe on a computer where Interbase is stored (the file is found in bin directory of the Interbase installation, you can also download it here)

3. Connect to the local server - Server | Login (default username/password - SYSDBA/masterkey)

4. Register the ProxyInspector database - Database | Register

 if ProxyInspector and Interbase are installed on the same machine, the path to the database file should be as follows: <ProxyInspector>\db\interbase6\db.gdb

 if ProxyInspector and Interbase are installed on different machines, please copy db.gdb from <ProxyInspector>\dbclean\interbase6 to your database catalog and specify the path in Database | File field

ProxyInspector Settings

5. Start ProxyInspector

6. Select menu item Database | Program Settings

7. Go to Database | Interbase Server tab and specify the path to the database/server and username/password (if ProxyInspector and Interbase are on the same machine, specify localhost:<database path>)

8. On the Database tab select Interbase Server and press OK

9. Restart ProxyInspector