Creating a database in Microsoft® SQL Server 2000

To create a ProxyInspector DB on Microsoft® SQL Server 2000, start the Query Analyzer utility from the SQL server bundle. When you have connected to the server, choose Load SQL Script:

You can find the SQL script to create a DB in MS SQL in the folder <PI>\dbscripts\mssql, with <PI> being the folder where ProxyInspector is installed. By default, the DB you create gets the name PI_ISA. If you want to name it differently, you must change all of the lines with "PI_ISA" to another legitimate DB name. When you have the script opened (and if necessary, edited), select Query > Execute to create a database. The default character table and folder from the server settings will be used for its creation. The "pi" user will also be added to the DB.

Once this is done, you`ll need to set the DB parameters in ProxyInspector. Start ProxyInspector and choose Database > Program settings from the page Database > ADO access:

Press Build button:

select Microsoft OLD DB Provider  for SQL Server and press Next>>:

You need to enter the server name and select authorization method, then you should select database name on the server(PI_ISA if you have not changed it).

After that, choose ADO access on the page Database and click OK; then restart PI. When you`ve completed this operation, choose Database > Connect to connect to the database.