ProxyInspector for WinGate setup wizard

ProxyInspector for WinGate setup wizard

Using setup wizard you can quickly configure ProxyInspector to work with your WinGate installation. To launch setup wizard click Database | Setup wizards | ProxyInspector setup wizard.

 If you install ProxyInspector on the machine running WinGate:
You should answer the question Where is WinGate installed? by selecting the On the local computer option and click Next. The wizard will automatically search for WinGate installation on the local disks. After the search is completed WinGate application folder will be displayed. You need to click the Next button to check settings.

 If you install ProxyInspector one a machine not running WinGate:
The question Where is WinGate installed? should be answered On another computer and click Next. Now you need to enter the path to the shared resource which represents WinGate folder on the remote machine (for example if WinGate is installed on the \\server machine, where shared resource wingate represents the folder c:\program files\wingate, you need to enter the path \\server\wingate) and the network name of the WinGate machine (\\server in our example) and click Next to check the settings.

Access to log files

ProxyInspector needs access WinGate folder to function properly. Read-only access is sufficient if you do not need to use the log management function, otherwise read-write access is necessary. During the check performed by ProxyInspector setup wizard you may see the following error messages:

WinGate installation files are not found at the specified location. - this means that GateKeeper.exe file and other WinGate executables are not found in the specified folder. Most likely the path is invalid.

Subfolder, containing the log files (\Logs) is not found in the specified folder. - this means that the subfolder Logs, which contains log files is not found. Most likely the path is invalid.

Insufficient privileges to access the specified folder. - this means that it is impossible to create and delete files in the specified folder. In this case the log management function will not work.

Access to the registry

To retrieve additional information about users and groups and for setting up WinGate using WinGate setup wizard it is necessary to establish connection to the registry of the computer where WinGate is installed.

Errors, which may occur during registry connection checkup:

Cannot connect to the registry on the remote computer. - this means that for some reason the connection with the remote registry cannot be established. Probably an incorrect computer name is entered, or, in the case of Windows 95/98/ME, Microsoft Remote Registry service is not installed. The files for this service are located on the Windows 95/98/ME CD in the REMOTEREG folder. If the computers running ProxyInspector and WinGate are under Windows 95/98/ME, the above-mentioned service has to be installed on both of them.

Information about WinGate is not found in the registry on the specified machine. - the connection to the remote registry was successful, but WinGate entry was not found (version 2.x stores the settings in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Qbik Software\WinGate 2 key, and later versions in the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Qbik Software\WinGate key). Most likely WinGate is not installed on the specified computer.

Insufficient privileges for WinGate registry key access. - this may happen if WinGate is installed on a Windows NT/2000 machine. It is necessary allow access to the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Qbik Software registry key and its subkeys using regedt32.exe program.