Setting WinProxy and ProxyInspector to Work Together

Please read this section attentively if you haven't worked with ProxyInspector for WinProxy before.

Before you start working with ProxyInspector please make sure that WinProxy logging feature is enabled. Go to menu File | Settings and select Logging tab in the Settings window:

If the Enable detailed logging to file checkbox is clear, please mark it. By default the log files with names like Year-Month-Date-WinProxy_Access.log will be created in WinProxy working directory, but you can change the location by specifying a new path in the Log file directory field (please be careful - you cannot specify a nonexistent directory here).

If ProxyInspector and WinProxy are installed on the same computer, no other settings are required. If they are installed on different computers within your LAN, please select the Database | Program Settings menu item and click on the WinProxy tab:

mark the Custom checkbox and enter the UNC path to the directory with log files on a remote computer. Read-only access will let you import the log files data into the database, but if you want to manage the log files using Log files management option, you will need the permission to delete files.