Setting WinRoute 5.x/6.x and ProxyInspetor to work together

Please read this section attentively if you haven't worked with ProxyInspector for WinRoute before.

HTTP Proxy logging

Before you start working with ProxyInspector please make sure that WinRoute non-transparent HTTP proxy server is enabled and client browser configured to work through it. Start Kerio Administration console, go to Configuration | Content Filtering | HTTP Policy and select Proxy Server tab:


If the 
Enable non-transparent proxy server checkbox is clear, please mark it and press Apply.

Firewall logging

To enable firewall logging open Configuration | Traffic policy page in Kerio Administration Console and enable Log matching connections option for any allow-rule that you want to analyze.

ProxyInspector settings

If ProxyInspector and WinRoute are installed on the same computer, no other settings are required. If they are installed on different computers within your LAN, please select the Database | Program Settings menu item and click on the WinRoute tab:


mark the Custom checkbox and enter the UNC path to the directory with log files on a remote computer and UNC name of WinRoute computer. Please be sure that you have at least read-only access to resource with log files.

It is important to choose right WinRoute version because starting from version 4.2 WinRoute stores settings in a different registry key.

It is important to define local networks addresses and local computer names on the corresponding tabs. Without this ProxyInspector will not be able to detect which IP addresses are local or not.