ProxyInspector run modes

In practice, there are different ways to run ProxyInspector. You can select among them according to your needs. The "Users" icon marks actions performed manually. The "Computer" icon marks actions performed automatically in the console mode (e.g. a scheduled run).

Scheme 1. ProxyInspector beginners usually go this way.

Scheme 2. This way ProxyInspector runs in the console mode periodically to import log files. Then you run it manually only to generate reports. For example, see how to configure ProxyInspector to run in the console mode.

Scheme 3. This way ProxyInspector operates without user intervention. The console mode is used to import log files, generate reports and send them via e-mail and/or save them to disk in the HTML or Microsoft Excel format. You can then view the reports using your web browser. This scheme can be used after you have worked with ProxyInspector for some time and know what reports should be generated, when they should be generated and who will view them.