Setting up WinGate for working with ProxyInspector

Setting up WinGate for working with ProxyInspector

Before working with ProxyInspector it is necessary to configure WinGate in accordance with the ProxyInspector requirements. It is easier to do it with the help of the WinGate setup wizard.

Service logging settings are located in the Logging tab in the service properties window:


ProxyInspector does not process log files generated by the following services:
GDP Service
DHCP Service
Remote Control Service
DNS Service

If you do not plan to analyze these log files manually or with another program, you may disable logging for these services.

You can enable user audit only if you would like to get additional statistics for logins and denials of access. User audit settings are located in the Auditing tab in the user properties window:


It is also necessary to change the settings of the WinGate scheduler to rotate logs and audit files once a day (in WinGate 4.1 and higher it is recommended to do it more often). In the WinGate scheduler you need to modify (or create if it does not exist) the task Roll over service logs so that it looks like the example below: